from classic acoustic percussion

to stylized electric bops, HOTEL DRUMZ

sample packz can't be beat

one stop shop for everything drums

sample packz

  • acoustic drumz special

  • the 8-bit drum kit

  • the knockout special


acoustic drumz special

  • Recorded with premium microphones

  • processed with classic vintage gear

  • Rumbling low kicks

  • quintessential snares

  • everything in-between!

the knockout special

  • created on a PO-33

  • analog effects for extra punch

  • Comp'd and EQ'd ready to use

  • perfect for Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi, Boom-Bap, and Chill-Hop producers

the 8-bit

drum kit

  • analog synthesizers

  • fat 8-Bit tone

  • easily distorted for Trap and Hip-Hop

  • arcade inspired vibes


Hotel Beatz 
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