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Hotel Drumz:

acoustic special

Free Sample Packs

36 One-Shots


  • 36 one-shots

  • 40 loops

  • classic vintage gear

  • essential drumz

40 loops

   Recorded using premium microphones, processed with classic vintage gear. Rumbling low kicks and snappy quintessential snares, with everything in between. 

   This premium sample pack showcases a Gretsch Broadkaster Custom kit, with select vintage Meinl cymbals. Over $4,000 in combined value! Recorded using the best of the best from Earthworks Microphones, AKG, DW, and Royer. With a few 57's slapped on the under-sides ;) 

   All of our drums, cymbals, and percussive effects are recorded in isolation for the upmost clarity. Processed with classic SSL analog EQ's and the famous Teletronix LA-2A for fatness and warmth. Many of our samples have been carefully re-amped in a variety of acoustic spaces for more realistic and natural reverb. 

   Unlike other sample pack stores, we make our samples available to you at the highest quality possible, 32-bit .wav 44.1khz, because we value how your track sounds more than the cost of storage space. 

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