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Free Sample Packs

It all started with a seemingly simple idea to capture a feeling...

But what started as three sound-sources grew to fifteen, and what began as days turned into weeks. As our engineer emerged from the studio brandishing a new beard of notable length, it became clear that HOTEL VIBEZ had taken on a profound meaning all its own!

Free Sample Packs

Hotel Vibez:

Yamaha   VSS-30

Ableton 11 Instrument!

  • 21 Sampled Sound Sources

  • 50 presets

  • 8 custom & Unique Effects per preset

  • easy to use pre-mapped controls

Free Sample Packs

Hotel Vibez:

Mountain Valley Mist Guitar

Sample Pack includes

  • 32 one-shots

  • 16 loops

  • All locked in the key of ebm

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