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Hotel vibez:

Mountain Valley Mist Guitar

Free Sample Packs
Ebm Chord
Db Arpeggio
Abmin Chord
Low Eb
Bbmin Chord
Mid Eb
Gb Arpeggio
High Eb


  • 32 one-shots

  • 16 loops

  • All locked in the key of ebm

Why Ebm? Out of all the keys?

It's deep, and I want the world to know that I'm one of those assholes that calls a Bmajor in the key of Ebm a Cbmajor....

   We combined an American made Telecaster with a pristine German tube amp and cab. Sprinkled in a few pedals for good measure, and recorded everything with a classic ribbon microphone and vintage pre-amp combination. 

   The One-Shots are arranged in a three octave scale starting with a low Ebm. With slow strummed chords rounding out our melodic selection.

(Beware the Fdim) 

 We've also included five modified drum one-shots from some of our Hotel Drumz releases! Just incase you didn't have anything that fit the mood ;) 

   For our loops we chose to keep it simple. You'll find various arpeggios of two and four bar length, with a full-tone-wah pedal applied exclusively to the latter. "Let the tone do the walking, just hit that Eb with feeling."

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