When we first pictured Hotel Vibez our idea was quite clear. Time went on however, and something else entirely developed in it's place. As our engineer emerged from the studio, brandishing a new beard of notable length, it became clear this had gotten out of hand. What was our original three sound-sources grew to fifteen while days blended into weeks... 

   We first set out to capture a feeling, a tone that spoke it's own emotions, but then we recorded so much more. 


and so with great excitement we present to you, the first of many

Hotel Vibez:

Mountain Valley Mist Guitar

in Ebm

   32 One-Shots

   16 Loops

      All Locked in the key of Ebm


   We combined an American made Telecaster with a pristine German tube amp and cab. Sprinkled in a few pedals for good measure, and recorded everything with a classic ribbon microphone and vintage pre-amp combination. 

   The One-Shots are arranged in a three octave scale starting with a low Ebm. With slow strummed chords rounding out our melodic selection. (Beware the Fdim) 

 We've also included five modified drum one-shots from our upcoming Hotel Drumz release! Just incase you didn't have anything that fit the mood ;) 

   For our loops we chose to keep it simple. You'll find various arpeggios of two and four bar length, with a full-tone-wah pedal applied exclusively to the latter. "Let the tone do the walking, just hit that Eb with feeling."

Ebm Chord
Abmin Chord
Bbmin Chord
Gb Arpeggio
Db Arpeggio
Low Eb
Mid Eb
High Eb

"Why Ebm? Out of all the keys?"

"It's deep, and I want the world to know that I'm one of those assholes that calls a Bmajor in the key of Ebm a Cbmajor...."



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