If you're reading this...

You must be bored as fuck.

I'm not funny, but I think I am. Now that we've established this, I've got news! We've been hard at work updating our internal infrastructure, and trying to bring to you a more cohesive "membership" opportunity. We've been working hard to expand areas like this, to allow people to come in and share their thoughts! At the end of the day, we want to create a community, albeit quite possible that community grows into something wonderfully toxic and hate-full. Isn't that the end fate of all the internet though? To eventually degrade into the comment section of a 2007 viral Youtube video? Aaaaaanyways, at least let me finish making all this before you guys get the FBI called on me.

All jokes aside, Lileyedea and I are so extremely thrilled and grateful to have you guys here. We really appreciate your time, and hope our audio matches your quality standards! Once again, we really appreciate you all! Even if no one reads this and I'm just talking to myself, good job me, 'preciate you dog. For Everybody who hasn't been here in awhile, we posted 6 new beats in the Beatz section!

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