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Yamaha VSS-30

Ableton 11 instrument

by hotel beatz

Compatible with Ableton 11 Suite ONLY!

   The Yamaha VSS-30 is a bit of a rare gem in the synth world. Popularized by Sigur Rós, not many of these units are still available. Originally released sometime in the late 80's, this synth utilizes both FM and digital voice synthesis. 

   We decided to recreate the instrument in Ableton 11 Suite, bringing the VSS-30's idealistic 80's tones to you! After meticulous sampling and emulation, we extended the playability range from 3 to 7 octaves for each original sound. We also implemented our own "Infinite Sustain" for certain sounds, to further enhance the capabilities of the unit! From there our team of engineers began augmenting with classic DAW effects and capabilities. 

   On each preset you'll find 6 Standard Effects, and 2 Custom Effects. These Custom Effects are unique to each of the 21 original instruments, making for a total of 42 ready to play Unique Effects! If that's not enough for you, each preset allows you to switch between any of the 21 original sounds with the "Sound Switch" control for endless mix and match ability. 

Free Sample Packs

   As always, all our samples and instruments are delivered to you with uncompromising quality. Recorded and Delivered at 44.1khz 32-bit .wav files, for maximum sound quality. 

  • 1.4gb Total Instrument Size

  • 50 Presets

  • 21 Original Sounds 

  • 8 Custom & Unique Effects

  • Built In Tutorial, From Inside Ableton

  • Easy To Install (Text and Video Instructions Included)

Compatible with Ableton 11 Suite ONLY!

Loosing Orbit
Mellow Wubs
Old Vinyl Pad
  • 21 Original Sound Engines Sampled From Hardware

  • 50 Presets

  • 8 Custom Effects

  • Pre-Mapped, Easy To Use Controls

  • Ableton 11 Suite Required 

Compatible with Ableton 11 Suite ONLY!

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